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Our expertise comes from years of being immesed in Education, as School Teachers & Full Time Tutors. We have seen what it take to successfully navigate the challenging education landscape. We have your ideal tutor waiting to help your child succeed. You might have specific tuition requirements but we will be able to cater to your requests. All we ask is that you come to us at the first sign of academic distress. The signs will be evident even in the very early stages. For example, you do not wake up one morning & decide that your child is stuggling in Math.

Your prompt action will allow us to put in the required corrective measures at the earliest. Let us know your concerns & I am sure we can carve a pathway toward Academic Excellence.

Our Expertise​


Home Tuition

Learning with a Home Tutor provides for a personal learning structure that can never be replicated in any school. Here, you have the instruction tailored to the individual student. A non-judgemental environment exists where the student can raise questions & clear misconceptions.

View our Tutor Profiles & let us know your tuition requirements using our Tutor Request form. If you cannot find anyone in the list that fits, its ok. We have many other tutors that have requested that their profiles not be made public. These are archived in our private registry,


Online Tuition

Ever had a good tutor reject your booking as your location is “too far”? Well, with Online Tuition, you will not have this issue. Learn from the best Tutor, without the concerns of geographical proximity. The virtual classroom is commonplace in modern education today.

Online Tutors generally are receptive to tuition requests as no travel is involved. You can even have online lessons late at night or very early in the morning. We also have Online Tutors who reside in other parts of the world so we are confident that you can get the most suitable tutor.


AEIS Preparation

Our AEIS Specialist tutors are ready to guide International Students to excel in the AEIS tests & assmilate succesfully into the Singapore Public School system. We also conduct an Online AEIS Preparation Course for students still in their home countries.

Our AEIS Specialists are very familiar with the requirements of the Singapore Education System and many students have cleared the AEIS tests under their expert tutelage. Students from Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia & Mauritius have benefited from our AEIS Preparation Course.

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