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Science is the study of the universe around us and within us, natural phenomena, and solutions to problems. Scientists want to observe natural phenomena or events to understand the mechanisms that cause them and explain how or why those natural events occur.
In addition, science attempts to solve problems by using a methodology based on both empirical evidence and the analysis of that evidence.

Natural science, namely Physics, Chemistry & Biology, attempts to explain the universe around us and ourselves by using the scientific method to observe, record, collect data, hypothesize, predict, experiment, and share results with peers within the scientific community, not specifically in that order.
Each of these branches differs in their specific subject matter or questions about the universe around us and even in the ways and degrees of knowing about topics or questions. These branches can be broken down further.

Progressive Learning

So why study Science? And why is getting more students interested in studying science at university so important? Firstly, science helps our understanding of the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from how trees reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the result of scientific research and experiment.

Human progress throughout history has largely rested on advances in science. From our knowledge of gravity to cutting-edge medicines, students of Science have shaped our modern world. All of these advances can trace their origin back to individuals learning about science as students. That’s why it is in the interests of wider society to promote Science as a subject at schools; it ensures the next wave of progress in all of the fields that affect our daily lives.

Overcome Difficulties

Achieving good grades in Science requires more than just memorizing formulas and equations. It also requires understanding of basic principles, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Each level of Science requires knowledge acquired in all prior levels. Building a good foundation is the key to Science Success.

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Plan to Excel

To assist a student who is struggling to cope with Science, it is best to engage a capable Home Tutor. The face to face personal interaction cannot be replicated even in our excellent schools administered by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The individual nature of Home Tuition promotes the best possible learning outcomes

Large classes leave many students unable to cope or even follow challenging subject content. The sole classroom teacher cannot always direct the required attention to all 25 or 30 students. The Best Tuition Agency Singapore will be able to find you an effective Private Tutor to fill in all the learning gaps in Science. Prompt action goes a long way towards proficiency! For Secondary & higher, it is advisable to engage a specialist tutor for Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Assess Student’s Merits

Tutor will detemine students’ relative merits in building knowledge. This is documented for future reference.

Discover Areas for Improvement

Tutor will assess student’s current state of subject proficiency. Strengths and areas for improvement are identified.

Tailor an Effective Learning Plan

An effective and timely- feasible learning plan is tailored to the learning needs of the individual student.

Mark Goals for the Medium Term

Academic Achievement is projected for the short to medium term. This will be a marker for long term success.

Detemine Levels of Understanding

Consistent points to gauge student understanding is spaced in time. Grades are collected to serve as markers.

Practice for Success

Homework & short tests will anchor critical concepts. Testing is the best measurement for predictive success!

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