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We are the leading Tuition Agency is Singapore serving students’ varied learning nedds since 1995. Our capable tutors have helped thousands of students achieve & exceed their academic potential. We can help you too!

Edupoint. The only Tuition Agency you will ever need!​


For more than 25 years, we have helped students & their parents navigate the challenging education landscape. We understand learning & achievement anxieties that come from a fast pace, high stakes education environment. Our Undergraduate, Graduate, School Teachers & Specialist Tutors have the required Qualification, Experience & Dedication to ensure that every student is given the neccessary learning support to excel academically. There is no doubt that success is a long process for many of our students. A constant learning pace is the only way to build knowledge. Talk to us and we can chart a special course that leads to proficiency in learning!





Great Attention To Learning Detail​
Each Student is an Individual. There is no one-size fits-all!

It is well recognized that different students have different learning needs & styles. A large classroom can never cater to all students everytime. Modern classroom teaching does include differentiated instruction but most lessons are pegged to the middle band of student abilities. A group of students are always left struggling to follow or even uninterested. A 100% engagement is impossible in most classrooms, even for the most capable teacher.

Learning Support outside the classroom is essential for students to stay current with the subject material. We understand this and our tutors will establish a learning plan to address students’ immediate gaps in learning. Proper scaffolds will be put in place to increase learning proficiency & guide the student towards stellar achievement in tests and exams.

We Specialize in the Business of Helping Students Realize their Full Learning Potential

Edupoint was established more than 25 years ago by a group of Ex School Teachers & Full Time Tutors. We did not wake up one morning & decide to start a Tuition Agency. Over many years we have interacted with students in the Primary, Secondary & Junior College classrooms & also in a 1 to 1 Home Tuition setting. This has provided us with the insights of the problems that students face. Most of these difficulties stem from our large classrooms. Our school teachers are well-trained & do a fantastic job given the structural constraints; but it is impossible to provide every student with a level of personal attention that they need.

We decided that Home Tuition or Private Tuition is ideal to fill this attention deficit. Learning gaps need to be addressed immediately. Allowing difficulties to fester will only make “correction” appear more insurmountable. Timely intervention is key & our private tutors stand ready to lend a helping hand. We always encourage parents to engage a tutor at the first sign of a learning “:struggle”. Waiting to get a tutor just before major tests or exams is not viable option and in many cases it just will not work. Talk to us and we can figure out the best way to help your child to cope & excel within an incredibily challenging education system.

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